Munique Dança Forró

Munique Dança Forró is a group of young, enthusiastic dancers spreading the spirit of Forró in Munich.

Since Autumn of 2010, they have been organizing Forró parties, lessons, concerts and workshops. In 2011 they established an association on a non-profit basis. All the people building our team are absolutely passionate about the dance, the music and the Forró culture itself. The teachers regularly visit workshops and festivals around the world in order to further develop their Forró skills and connect with Forró dancers and musicians from other cities.

In the past few years many well-known Forró teachers and musicians have visited Munique Dança Forró and supported the expansion of the Forró scene in Munich. If you’re ever in Munich, come and say hi!


Euer Munique Dança Forró Team